Click Joy (Aurora GPT - SDR 3.1 PRO)


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Click Joy (Aurora GPT - SDR 3.1 PRO) 


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  • Domain Name Will be Registered  once you will purchase the site for 1 Year .xyz .club or .pw (For .com or .net cost extra $14.99)
  • Lifetime License [ One domain only ]
  • Ptc Site using SDR 3.1 PRO Script
  • 5 Banners (2 - 468x60, 600x300, 180x100, 125x125)
  • Aurora GPT Template
  • eBook "45 Problems Solutions for Aurora Admins"


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* Username : admin
* Password : admin


Site Is Setup And Ready For New Admin within 48 business hours, Satisfaction Guaranteed.


In the SDR 3.1 PRO we have started to really expand the capabilities of the Aurora GPT Script and taking it to new levels and a more professional feel. As always, we have continued our focus on fixing errors and making improvements to the base Aurora GPT Script. 




Paid to Click 

Click links and view websites to earn cash and points. 


Paid to Read Ads 

Read advertisements and view websites for cash and points. 


Paid To Signup 

Get paid to signup at websites! 


Click Exchange 

The click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 5/4 ratio, meaning you will get 4 unique hits for every 5 links you click 


Read Emails 

Read emails and view websites for cash and points. 

View your profile to opt-in for receiving paid emails. 


Paid to Promote

Promote Aurora GPT - Get Paid to Everything Script! 

Promote the site and get paid $0.0002 for each unique visitor that views your referral URL per 24 hours. Premium Members Earn More! 


Upgrade & Refer Members 

When you are an upgraded member, you get cash bonus's whenever any of your direct referrals purchase an item from our site, upgrade, or just earn money themselves. Upgrade today and have others work for you!





Facebook Login ADDON

It is undeniable that nowadays social networks have a great influence on our society and Facebook is the most famous one. This addon allow users to login/signup using their Facebook account. Member can link or unlik their FB account in the member profile.


Bitcoin ADDON

With this addon you'll be able to accept payments via Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. These tasks are managed collectively by the network. In other words, your account cannot be frozen and all payments are final. With this addon you have the liberty to select your preferred Bitcoin Wallet provider. If you don't have one, I recommend the BlockChain. Note that the minimum amount allowed to be paid with Bitcoin with this addon is 0.001 BTC ($0.10).



This Addon add the game AdGrid to your aurora site. Fully customized with possibility to set unlimited backgrounds, change colors and add how many columns and rows you want.


Autosurf ADDON

This addon add a Autosurf system to your site. Users can add their sites to autosurf, earn credits and/or money by surfing. With this addon you can advertise your framebreak site without problems (e.g., cuz it doesn't use frames. Highly customized, you can set different earning values and limits for free and premium users. The addon was tested in all major browsers (IE 9, Firefox 17, Chrome 23 and Opera 12).


Ad Captcha ADDON

This addons replace the current captcha that is shown in ads by a secure and customizable option. In the admin panel you can configure how much captcha images will show and what images. Requirements: cURL & GD Library installed.


Fixed Ads ADDON

This addon allow you to sell PTC ads by days instead of by clicks. These ads will be shown before all PTC ads.


Login Ads ADDON

This addon require that the user see an ad before do login. Login ads are sold separately of ptc ads, so it's a new way to make profit with ads. In settings you can set an interval time to show login ads, so the user won't have to see the ad every time he does login in a small interval of time. Very secure and almost impossible to cheat.


Admin Ads ADDON

With this addon you can require your users to click in your ads first, otherwise they can't click in the other ads. You can setup as many admin ads as you want and you can disable it for premium users, if you want. Fully managed in your admin area!


My Account Designer ADDON

This addon helps you to easily edit the My Account page from your Admin Panel. It includes a new design for the My Account page. From Admin Panel you can change box colors, itens and much more. Also you can set ads and announces to appear on top or bottom of the My Account page. You can easily enable/disable the addon in Admin Panel.


Stepped Payout ADDON

This addon add the stepped payout system to your site. But what is "stepped payout system"? It's like that: 1st payment: min $1, 2nd payment: min $3, 3rd payment: min $5... You can set unlimited steps! The steps are personalized for each payment method you add!


Click to earn from ref ADDON

This addon credits earning from referrals only if the upline clicked at least X ads yesterday. The number of min ads to click is customizable for free and premium members in admin panel. You can enable/disable the addon in your admin panel or can set the min ads to 0 for free / premium members which will disable this feature.


Admin Dashboard ADDON

This addon add a beautiful Admin Dashboard to your Aurora Site. Right after you login you will have an overview of what is going on and what needs your attention.


User Clicks Chart ADDON

This addon add charts for users clicks and referral clicks. In "my account" you can see the chart of your clicks and of all referrals clicks. In the "your downline" page you can see the charts of each referral. In Admin Panel you can enable/disable the addon, configure the colors of the chart, set where the charts will appears (in stats page or in a new page) and more.


Max Downline ADDON

This addon limits the max number of referrals a user can have. The max referrals is customizable for free and premium members in admin panel. You can enable/disable the addon in your admin panel or can set the limit to 0 for free / premium members which will give them unlimited referrals.


Focus Timer ADDON

This addon stop the timer if the user isn't viewing the advert.


Anti-FrameBreaker ADDON

This addon shows a confirmation if one advert try to break out of the frames, allowing the user to stop the break process.


Progress Bar ADDON

This addon is for admin that still using old aurora text timer. This addon replace this timer by a cool personalized progress bar! You can customize colors and width.


Your host must have the following for the script to work fine :
1- cURL
2- PHP 5.6 version
3- MYSQL 5.6 version
4- Ioncube loader ( As some of files are encrypted , Only 3 files so the script code editing options aren't affected in any way )

This version includes updates and enhancement to the script structure so it will work fine with the current version of php 5.6 . 

Script comes with continuous support to help you in fixing any problems you find and also to provide answers for your questions Contact Us!

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Site Is Setup And Ready For New Admin within 48 business hours, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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